How To Create Flash Video Like Youtube


Flash video is now the most popular video format on the Internet. Many websites, such as Youtube, Myspace, Yahoo! Video and Google video, are using this video format to play their videos. This guide is to give you the instructions on how to convert video to SWF files and Flash video (FLV) using Wondershare Video to Flash Encoder.

Step1 Load Video file

Click the Browse button to locate the file you want to convert from your hard disc and add it to the program. Wondershare Video to Flash encoder supports various video formats including AVI, MPG, MPEG, MP4, WMV, MOV, ASF, and FLV (You can convert FLV to a new FLV file or an SWF file) YouTube to mp3.

Step 2 Edit

Click the Edit tab to set movie effects and crop video.

1 .Movie settings: If you want to change the default video settings, you can drag each adjustment bar to adjust the video brightness, contrast, saturation, audio volume, and select a video effect.

2 .Crop Video: If your movie has black edges around the video, you can cut the black edges off using the video cropping function. There are two methods for your choice: Drag the yellow frame on the preview window. Or set the crop values in the video cropping pane.

Step 3 Encoder

In the Encoder window, you can set the video and audio encoding settings including video frame rate, video bit rate, video codec, key frame, aspect ration, resolution and audio sample rate.

Here are the definitions of some of these terms:

Bitrate is the number of bits used per unit of time to represent a continuous medium such as audio or video after data compression,

Frame rate is the measurement of how quickly an imaging device produces unique consecutive images called frames. Frame rate is most often expressed in FPS (Frame per Second). Ordinary people can hardly distinguish the video effect if it is higher than 12 fps or 15 fps. The reaction time of human-eyes is about 0.1s, it means that you can see only ten frames in one second.

Key Frame is the drawings which are essential to define starting and ending points of any smooth transition. The higher the value is, the larger the final file size will be and the better quality the final file will have.

Step 4 Template

Choose a template from the available two types of templates: Player template and General template. Each type has templates of different styles. A player template has control buttons and general templates are for special occasions with selectable control bars. You can even put hyperlinks on the flash player so that people could be guided to the url you pre-set.

If you choose the general templates, apart from adding background music, selecting a playback mode and choosing a control bar, Video to Flash Encoder also lets you edit set “Opening Movie” and “Ending Movie”. “Opening Movie” includes movie Title, Director and creation Motive. Ending movie lets you write the cast view of your video file.

Step 5 Publish

After all the above four steps, you can click the Publish tab, choose a publish format, and click the “Start Encode” to start conversion.

With Wondershare Video to Flash Encoder, video clips and video presentations can be easily converted to SWF files with smaller file sizes to share with your friends and family or converted to FLV files to for distribution on the internet.

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