Seecrets on Google: Almost Everything You Want to Know About Google


Google News

The stories are not fact-checked. Its reporters are not journalists [words from CNN’s Global Edition]. Available in Australia English, Canada English, Hong Kong English, India English, Singapore English, United Kingdom English, Sanskrit, Tang Dynasty Chinese and Esperanto. For real news, see MSN News or Yahoo News.

Google Do-No-Evil

This mantra is well enshrined in Google’s philosophy. Perhaps, they are considering using the same logic as President Clinton during the Lewinsky episode. “We don’t do evil, maybe we’ve done a few bad things – nosirree, we’re not evil. Killing 20 million Native Americans is evil. Trampling on one billion individuals privacy is not evil, a wee bad perhaps”.

Google Collective Consciousness in Real-time

[Below are extracts from Google’s pages. This author’s comments are enclosed in square brackets.]

“Google captured the top searches and institutionalized them as the Google Zeitgeist [German for spirit of the time], a real-time window into the collective consciousness.

Pulling together interesting search trends and patterns requires Google’s human and computing power together. Search statistics are automatically generated based on the millions of searches conducted on Google over a given period of time – weekly, monthly, and annually Ico market. With some help from humans [read manipulated], and a pigeon or two when they have time, these statistics and trends make their way from the depths of Google’s hard drives [read kept indefinitely] to become the Google Zeitgeist report.

We should note that in compiling the Zeitgeist, no individual searcher’s information is available or accessible to us [who are you kidding]. What you see here is a cumulative snapshot of interesting queries people are asking – some over time, some within country domains, and some on – that perhaps reveal a bit of the human condition. We appreciate the contribution all Google users make to these fascinating bits of information [to sell to governments, repressive or not, to spy on its own people at grossly inflated prices].”

To protect your own privacy, readers should neutralize their searches, that is entering an additional and opposite search for each real search. Examples are birthday parties, funeral services; marriage advice, divorce cases; open source, software patents; george w bush, cleverness; you should get the picture now.

Google GMail

Having pried into the collective consciousness is apparently not enough. Now the target is the individual’s private thoughts and persona through the owner’s emails. The tips on neutrality cannot be easily applied to emails. To safeguard your privacy, use crypto. Newbies are encouraged to read “A Gentle Introduction to Cryptography”.

Google Translate

[Original paragraph from Marketing Plan for Joe Nogood Gift Store] Perhaps, a possible topic may be “Gift-Receiving Habits of Bushmen Americans”, the ones concentrated in the D.C. area. Bushmen use strange language like “I wish to caveat my response” which is hardly understandable by the public. A follow-up article like “Bushmen Gifts – the Impact on Iraq’s Economy” may provide the scholarly reputation for Joe, a must-read for think tanks around the world.

[Google Translated to German] Möglicherweise kann ein mögliches Thema “Gewohnheiten der Buschmannamerikaner Geschenk-Empfangen”, die, die im DC-Bereich konzentriert werden. Buschmänner verwenden merkwürdige Sprache wie “ich wünschen zum Einspruch meine Antwort”, die durch die Öffentlichkeit kaum verständlich ist. Ein Anschlußartikel wie “Buschmanngeschenke – die Auswirkung auf Wirtschaft des Iraks” kann das gelehrte Renommee für Joe zur Verfügung stellen, müssen-las für denken Behälter um die Welt.

[Google Translated back from German] Possibly a possible topic “habits of the shrub man Americans gift receiving” can, who, who are concentrated within the DC range. Shrub men use strange language as “I wish for the objection my answer”, which is hardly understandable because of the public. A connection article like “shrub man gifts – the effect on economics of the Iraq” can make the scholarly reputation available for Joe, must-read for thinks containers around the world.

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