Some Little Known Facts About Olympic Games Medals


Even though Olympic Games take place every four years it is an event which tens of thousands of persons all over the globe prefer to participate in. Countless athletes in all different sports around the world compete in the numerous events from the hope that they are sometimes offered of the coveted awards of The Olympics.

The next matches will be happening at 2012 and will be held in London. Together with offering the town a big challenge to sponsor such a conference they ought to ensure that whatever that is need is prepared time so everything runs easily. However, now being the sponsor with the particular event allows the city to show what it’s to give to its various customers.

Even though most essential part for any competitor who competes in The Olympics could be the participate many still pleased when they acquire the gold trophy. Just as lots of believe this when they will have been presented with the silver or bronze medal in the award ceremonies. In this post we have a few facts regarding the medals which are routinely given to competitions in The Olympics box.

Inch. By 1928 every medal offered to people who’ve been awarded one have the very same design on front. The plan includes numerous distinct images such as the Olympic Rings, also a Greek Goddess, also the Historical Coliseum of Athens, an Amphora (Greek vase), a horse drawn chariot, the year as well as the name of this host town where The Olympics are still happening. And so additionally they comprise what range Olympiad it is and for London in 2012 this is going to probably be the 30th 1

2. Together with the graphics mentioned previously on the front of these medals to be exhibited to those that arrive first, third or second the host city has the capability to comprise other precisely the front. Regarding the rear of these chords the host city could decide what style and design is put on the back. As an example when the matches were stored in 1996 at Atlanta metropolis their committee picked to own their symbol on the trunk along with a graphic of the case for which the medal was being granted.

3. After the early Olympic Games took place those competing at the functions weren’t actually offered almost any medals. Instead the winner of any specific event has been presented using the Olive Wreath that they wore their own heads. For individuals that came second or third they were presented without a thing.

4. Throughout the early modern day Olympic Games held in 1896 the awards introduced to the champions of the functions were given awards created from silver rather than gold. It was because that the period gold was considered to be a more poor metal . But as soon as the matches happened in St Louis, USA at 1904 it had all changed and also the winners of each and every even where presented with awards made from Gold.

5. The awards introduced at The Olympics now each measure 7cms (around 2 inches) in diameter. Although the gold medals offered to the winners may appear gold they are actually made with sterling silver and are then covered utilizing a thin layer of pure gold. The total amount of gold applied to pay every one of these medals given to winners of every event from the Olympics is approximately .21 ounces approximately 6 grams.

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