What Are the Best Penang Temples You Should See?


Penang Malaysia is renowned because of its historical structures and superbly constructed locations of worship such as as Chinese and Hindu temples. All these temples really emphasize the rich cultural heritage

Penang. If you wish to visit the temples from Penang Malaysia you will be spoilt for selections. Because a matter of truth, you will wind up believing that you would need to spend more time in Penang Malaysia so as to stop by most of them. You can locate the best temples here without even having to go away Georgetown. The capital town of Penang boasts lots of temples within easy access from town center. You may come across lots of forms of temples handily located not far from eachother.

To begin with, you can kick off your Penang temple trip from heading to Dhammikarama Burmese Temple in Burmah Lane. This Burmese temple is your first Buddhist temple build into Penang. The Penang temple has been assembled in 1803. The standard Burmese architecture with this temple, and with all the dominating gold colour motifs, will definitely take your breath off. In the principal building of this temple you can come across the Sim A Shrine House that contains really a huge and beautiful gold-lined 200 yearsold marble statue of the sitting Buddha. That really is undoubtedly a photo-taking option you shouldn’t miss thirukadaiyur!

If you happen to maintain Very Little India, you need to Test out that the Sri Mahamariamman Temple at Queen Avenue. This Penang temple is the earliest sacred temple ever build in Penang. One particular noteworthy feature with this Penang temple is you may instantly find the intricately sculpted wall tower influenced from the South Indian architectural design. After you step into the Penang temple, then you should not miss visiting the statue of Lord Subramaniam which is encrusted with opulent gold, emerald, diamond and silver.

Perhaps you have thought of locating the greatest Buddhist temple in Malaysia? Very well, you are in luck since Kek Lok Si Temple, at the hilltop of all Ayer Itam, is right here in Penang. This enormous 10-acre temple properties a string of richly embellished ivory halls, glorious gardens and monasteries. Additionally you will be amazed when you peek in the enormous statue of Kuan Yin, the goddess of mercy, proudly standing on the hill top through this Penang temple space. When you proceed in direction of the centre of the huge temple sophisticated that you will encounter the 7 storey higher pagoda of all Rama VI that’s recognized since the primary attraction with the Penang temple.

In the event you wander close to Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling in Georgetown you can discover the temple in Penang. Although it really isn’t the largest or many densely populated temple in Penang, Kuan Yin Teng is the most popular one among the Taoist group in history. The vintage stone carvings and stained partitions of this Penang temple corresponds to its antiquity. If you go to that Penang temple to the very first or fifteenth day of the Chinese lunar calendar you are going to probably be treated to the hustle and bustle of things to do within the temple precincts together with devotees light up joss-sticks and burning paper cash.

These magnificent Penang temples are only but a little sample of the beautiful sites of worship you can discover in Penang because you research this richly rich island nation. Why don’t you begin your travel into the greatest Penang temples now?

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